(Cos Sometimes, We'd Rather Someone Else Did That Bit!) 😉

Break Free From Content Creation
Hassles And Let Us Do It All For You!

Calling All Partnership to Success Members...

Randy Smith here, and if you've been a member a while, I'm sure you know my story, and how John helped me start earning online back in 2005/6, and how he then called upon my life experiences for some stuff he wanted help with.

Leading to me outsourcing for John, and eventually helping set up the Partnership To Success program towards the end of 2010.

And hey, If you're new here, and don't know... well now you have a very brief outline. haha

Long Story Short.

John has had me writing emails and salespage copy for many many years now, we've created products together, and he trusts me to look after his members via support tickets and on those one on one calls we offer, As well as being on all the webinar trainings we do for members.

Back to - So how can I look after you better?

Well as it mentioned at the top of the page.

I'm going to offer you some 'Done For You Services'

Depending on where abouts in the program you are, there will be things you need to get done. 

And let's be honest.

Some people are better or find it easier to do certain tasks, while others struggle.

Take anything Techy for example. I HATE IT!

Always have, and I've always been pretty useless at it too.
People actually gave me free techy access to products over the years - just to see how I could break it! (I really am that bad.)

So as soon as I could, I got someone else to do the stuff I disliked. While I focused on doing the stuff I was good at.
(NOTE: I did say as soon as I could, as both John and I would encourage everyone to have a go at everything first - Before they decide what to outsource!, if nothing else, at least then you know what is involved.)

And now with this page (and some of the links from it), we have now created packages of services we can offer in house.

Services where we have created the content ourselves, or with the help of AI and prompts I have personally written based on my own experiences, and then edited and checked ourselves, to ensure you get exactly what you need, whilst freeing you up to do more of what you'd rather do!

Like using the time you can save elsewhere, and focus on other aspects of building your business instead of struggling with tasks you don't enjoy.

Hence, as I mentioned, depending on where in the program you are, as to which of these links may be of use right now.

(And of course, just pop back as and when you feel you'd like to check each service.)

Here Are The Services We Are Currently Offering

Please note that these services can be withdrawn at any time depending on demand.

Blog Post Creation 

You can now have our in-house team craft 100% unique, Inspirational & Motivational or Internet Marketing-related posts that are guaranteed to stand out in the crowd and get you reader engagement.

Product Creation

Get an eBook created on your chosen niche, fully ready to edit, tweak, add images and personalise. Use this content however you wish or use as inspiration to add more material such as video.

Sales Copy

We will write your sales copy ready to add to your sales page. This will be created with someone who has over 20 years marketing experience in the Internet Marketing niche. Various options available.

JV Sales Copy

We will write your JV page copy ready to add to your JV page. This will be created with someone who has over 50 successful launches in the IM space. 

JV Swipe Emails

With this package you will receive 7-9 emails professionally written that will appeal to your JVs. This will be in text format and ready to add to your JV Doc.

Sales Video Creation

We will create your Video Sales Scripts and Sales Video made with Pictory for your sales page, or OTO page. Your video will be up to 5 minutes long. 

You also get a copy of YOUR post delivered for your own use that you can use however you wish.

You will receive a personal service from Randy with every single package:

Personal contact with Randy throughout the whole process.
Randy has over 40 years experience in sales & marketing.
All content created is 100% unique.
You can use any content created however you wish.
No more content creation roadblocks.
Free up your time to focus on other parts of the program.
Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your order comes with a personal promise from Randy: 
"If you don't feel you've received value after you receive your package then let me know within 7 days of receiving your order and I'll refund 100% of your investment, no questions asked."

Remember that we do absolutely everything for you and you don’t have to lift a finger.

Don't hesitate, secure your professional content creation package now, and let's start putting content out there with your name on with valuable, traffic-attracting, customer getting content that works for you round the clock. Let's make your content the hot topic of the Internet Marketing world!

Your Questions Answered

How Long Will This Take You?

That depends on what service you have ordered, but Randy does aim to deliver all items within 7-10 days once he has all of the info he needs from you.

What Extra Info Might Be Required?

Extra info required depends on the service ordered, and Randy will explain and clarify what he might need in order to complete your order by contacting you via John's helpdesk. (It may be that he needs to see your product, or a salespage, or might want a topic for a blog post, or a style or theme for a launch email series. etc. Whatever it may be, will be easier to ask and explain via the ticket once he knows what the order is for.)

Can I choose a Theme/Style/Topic?

Depending for what type of order you are asking, yes, if it's a blog post, you can mention a preferred topic, or style
E.G. Internet Marketing Related, or Inspirational /Motivational.
If it's a launch and you have a theme for your salespage, and this is for email swipes, you can ask to stay on theme. Etc.
As everything will be created for you, please give as much info as you can after placing your order.

What Are The Requirements?

Other than being a current P2S member, the only requirements are to reply with whatever info is needed to start and complete your order.

If I don't know what I actually want, other than the service - is that OK?

Yes, If you tell us what you've ordered, but that you are not sure of specifics - we will of course advise you and coach you as part of the P2S program anyways. So even with these services, we will do our best to ensure you get what you need to succeed.

Is The Content You Create 100% Unique?

Yes, we can 100% guarantee that the content we create for you comes from our own in-house team, and because we keep the content creation in-house we can guarantee what we deliver to you is 100% unique.

Is there a satisfaction Guarantee?

YES. If for any reason you are not satisfied with what is delivered, you may ask for up to 2 revisions.
If you are still not satisfied, and we cannot come to an agreement, then you return with an agreement to 'do not use the content', and can claim a full refund up to 7 days after final delivery.

What Can I Do With The Content Once It's Delivered?

You can do whatever you want with the content once it's delivered, this is your content that you own and you can do whatever you wish with it.

What Happens After I Place My Order?

As soon as your order is placed we will direct you to some simple instructions so we can begin work.

This All Sounds Great. How Do I Order?

Simply choose a package above and we will get to work right away.

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