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Attention All Partnership to Success Members...

Once again, John and I would encourage you to get stuck in and write a good weeks worth of swipe emails promoting your product!

But for those who may struggle, or believe that one or two will be fine...

Allow me to add a few lines here - as to why it's important to have a variety of swipes.


Affiliates can be either Lazy Or Busy! (They are usually Lazy)

And whichever of the two they are, if they arrive at your JV/Affiliate recruitment page, see a link to swipe emails, and there are none, or just one or two.

The immediate thought is, do I have time to go through everything and write my own emails, or do I find an offer where the vendor has already given me a choice of angles and emails to just adapt and tweak for my list?

Imagine, you want to promote a product, as you do think it can help other, but then notice the launch is for a full week, but there are only 2 days worth of emails?

So now you have to make the best decision for your business. Move on, or invest time and effort.

Should we take that gamble after all we've been through to be ready to launch?

Well I know my preference is to always have more emails than days of your launch!

That way, any affiliate, whether lazy, or busy, or even those who aren't sure if my product is a good fit for their list, can and will see emails that may resonate with their subscribers.

Will see a choice of a different email to adapt each day or the launch...

Will be able to commit, knowing it will take just moments to add to any of the emails and get them queued up. Maximising their profits. (Whilst building Your Buyers list!)

So yep.

Every step of what John has been teaching is important, and swipe emails for a launch are no less important than having everything else set up and tested prior to your launch.

So why take a gamble and hope all the affiliates and possible big names who have seen your launch, can and will invest the time to write emails from scratch?

Better surely to provide a choice.
And get 7-9 emails written and added to your JV Doc.

And once again, where I used to charge John (And plenty of other marketers who knew the value of providing email swipes) from $125 - $150 per email...

You can now get the whole package for just $197

So if you want an expert to take the frustration out of writing your JV swipes, get your email swipes ordered, and feel the sense of relief that even if Guru stumbles upon your offer - he at least won't be turned away by a lack of emails to promote 🙂

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your order comes with our promise: If you don't feel you've received value after you receive your sales copy then let us know within 7 days of receiving your order and we'll refund 100% of your investment, no questions asked.

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Benefit from professional email swipes written by someone with over 40 years of marketing experience.
Delivered within 10 days or receiving your instructions.
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Delivered to you to use how you wish.
Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back, no questions asked.

Remember that we do absolutely everything for you and you don’t have to lift a finger.

Don't hesitate, secure your professional bJV email swipe package now, and let's start putting content out there with your name on with valuable, JV-Attracting content that works for you round the clock. 

Your Questions Answered

How Long Will This Take You?

We aim to have this service done for you and delivered via John's support desk within 7-10 days of receiving your order.

What Are The Requirements?

You just need to be an active Partnership to Success member to qualify for this service.

Is The Content You Create 100% Unique?

Yes, we can 100% guarantee that the content we create for you comes from our own in-house team, and because we keep the content creation in-house we can guarantee what we deliver to you is 100% unique.

How Does Your Satisfaction Guarantee Work?

Your order comes with our satisfaction guarantee promise. If you don't feel you've received value after you receive your order then let us know within 7 days of receiving your order and we'll refund 100% of your investment, no questions asked.

What Can I Do With The Content Once It's Delivered?

You can do whatever you want with the content once it's delivered, this is your content that you own and you can do whatever you wish with it.

What Happens After I Place My Order?

As soon as your order is placed we will direct you to some simple instructions so we can begin work.

This All Sounds Great. How Do I Order?

Simply choose a package above and we will get to work right away.

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