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Here's How The Whole Process Works

   You Will be Promoting a Proven Coaching Program.

My Partnership to Success Program is a PROVEN coaching program where I personally promote my students product launches, so your customers are guaranteed a 100% success rate if they finish the program. (No BS I have the proof)

   Triple Protected Commissions

Yes! You heard that right. TRIPLE PROTECTED COMMISSIONS, only approved affiliates can promote this offer, plus all leads are HARD CODED and the affiliate cookie is dropped with every email I send out. Finally, we use ClickBank's Lifetime Commission feature, so no lost sales due to dropped cookies or hijacked links.

   Proven Sales Process That Converts at up to 20% on a 2k Program.

I have a proven sales process that is converting on average 10% of attendees from cold traffic and over 20% from targeted traffic.

   Get Paid 50% Commissions on all Sales.

My coaching program pays out 50% commissions on all sales, this is a very high commission rate for a program like this where one on one work with the student is involved.

   Insanely Low Refund Rate

The refund rate of this program is currently around the 3% mark, this is unheard of for a coaching program at this price point.

   Over 10 Years Experience as a Coach.

I launched my first coaching program in January 2008 and have hundreds of successful students that have generated over 8 figures in combined sales.

Follow The 3 Steps Below to Get Paid

Step 1 - Get Whitelisted

Only approved affiliates can promote Partnership to Success. To get your ClickBank ID whitelisted please fill out the form below or contact me and let me know your ClickBank ID.

We will approve you as fast as humanly possible. Once approved you will receive an email from ClickBank confirming this. To promote simply use the link below.

Please note! If you are already approved to promote Partnership to Success via ClickBank there is no need to get whitelisted again and you can move straight to step 2.

Step 2 - Grab Your Affiliate Link

Replace XXXXX with YOUR ClickBank ID

Please Apply For Approval Before Promoting or Your Link Won't Work.
IMPORTANT! Once approved use the link above to create your affiliate link.
DO NOT USE the link ClickBank provides or that will go to a different offer.
Also, do not cloak your link or hard coding my not work.

Step 3 - Once Whitelisted Use The Promo Tools Below

I have added all the emails you need to promote this offer, these emails have been tested and work like a charm. My advice is to send multiple emails and create a campaign to maximise commissions.

Subject: [Must Attend Webinar] How to Build Automated Sales Funnels

If you want to master one thing
that will lead to your success
online it’s PRODUCT CREATION, and
let me tell You there’s no one
better to learn from than John

John launched his first product
back in 2004, and since then he has
launched hundreds of his own
products that have generated
millions in sales.

And every single thing he has
learned since then is covered in
his latest training webinar.

On this webinar, you will learn
everything you need to know to
create and launch your very own
successful product online.

This is the ultimate 24/7 automated
business that every successful
marketer is doing, and if you’re
not doing it you really are missing

Find out more here.


Subject: The Rumors Are True And The Hype is Real.

Yes! The rumours are true and the
hype is real.

A few days ago, product creation
expert John Thornhill announced he
was running a webinar to teach all
he knows about creating a
successful product and sales
funnel, and it seems quite a few of
you can’t believe what he is doing.

So it’s time for him to say YES to
those questions you have…

#Yes. You will be taught everything
you need to know about creating
your very own successful product
and sales funnel. Remember that
John has almost 15 years experience
in this area.

#Yes. You will receive bonus
worksheets, checklists,
presentation slides and more,
meaning once the event is over you
will have a step by step plan of

#Yes. You can take part in a Q&A
session to make sure you get all
your questions answered.

#Yes. You will receive a full
high-quality recording of the
workshop to view at your leisure.

#Yes. You will receive all of the
support you need after the event.

#Yes. This will cost you absolutely

As I said, John actually has almost
15 years of product creation
experience and has made millions of
dollars in the process. So without
him bragging too much, I think that
qualifies him to show you how it’s
all done 😉

In short, he wants you to succeed
from creating and selling your own
digital products, just as he does.

So the question is… Do you want
to be part of it?

If so then you simply have to get
on this Webinar, get all the
details here.


Subject: Here’s Why Every Newbie Affiliate is Doomed to Fail

Many people get told that affiliate
marketing is the best way to get
started online, and it does sound
very attractive.

We get told we don’t have to deal
with angry customers, we don’t have
to create a product, in fact, all
we have to do is send some traffic,
then bank the cash.

Sounds great, right?


You see, when you promote something
as an affiliate, you only get to
keep a limited portion of the
profits, usually 50%.

Plus you don’t build a list, and
you can only make money from your
own efforts.

That’s why most would be affiliates
give up before they earn their
first cent.

This is why the most successful
online marketers, sell their own
products, and then promote products
from the lists they build from
selling their own products.

When you sell your own products,
you get to keep 100% of the profits
from the sales you make, and you
aren’t the only one driving the
traffic, you can have an army of
affiliates promote for you.

Now it doesn’t take a rocket
scientist to see that selling your
own products is more profitable.

“But I wouldn’t know where to

That’s where John Thornhill comes

Allow me to explain.

If you want to master one thing
that will lead to your success

John launched his first product
back in 2004, and since then he has
launched hundreds of his own
products that have generated
millions in sales.

And every single thing he has
learned since then is covered in a
brand new webinar he’s running.

On this webinar, you will learn
everything you need to know to
create and launch your very own
successful product online.

This is the ultimate 24/7 automated
business that every successful
marketer is doing, and if you’re
not doing it you really are missing

Find out more here.


Subject: This Isn’t For Everyone

Hi {!firstname},

Over the last couple of days, I’ve
been talking about this
ground-breaking webinar that you
are invited to attend.

Yes, you are invited to join John
as he reveals what’s working for
him right now to the tune of over 1
MILLION DOLLARS on JVZoo alone, 1.3
Million on ClickBank, and over 5
million in total.

However, I must warn you though
that this webinar is not for the
faint-hearted. Slackers, tyre
kickers and general shiny object
seekers should not attend as the
truth will hurt.

During this webinar, you will learn
everything you need to know to
create and launch your very own
successful product online.

This is the ultimate 24/7 automated
business that every successful
marketer is doing, and if you’re
not doing it you really are missing

This ‘tell it like it is’ training
has been receiving rave reviews,
and you have the chance to access
it for free. (Usual cost $297)

Just go here to get started and get
ready to receive some of the best
training ever.

I promise.


Subject: Warning – Do Not Read if Easily Offended

WARNING! This email may offend, so if
you are of a sensitive nature please stop

… don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Out of the many people on my mailing list(s)
quite a few get in touch with me, especially as
I don’t hide behind a ‘no reply’ email

Some of the emails just want some
simple advice, some want more and seem
to expect me to offer hours of my time
for free, some like to send me abuse
because I dared to hit their inbox with
an email, and some are desperate and
tell me ‘I’m desperate and will do
anything, show me how?’

The thing is, while 100% of my
subscribers want to be successful, I
would estimate less than 5% are
prepared to do what it takes.

If you agree with any of these
statements then I guarantee you will
struggle online.

#1. “I want to become a success online,
but I don’t want to invest any money to
become a better entrepreneur.”

#2. “I want to become a success online,
but I don’t have any time to learn

#3. “I want to become a success online,
but I don’t have anything of value to
teach people and I’m not willing to
learn something of value to teach.”

#4. “I want to become a success online
and I will do whatever it takes, unless
it involves actual work.”

#5. “I want to become a success online,
but everything out there is a scam.”

If you REALLY want to make 5, 6 or
7 figures as a successful online
marketer, then you have to REALLY
give all you can give.

– You need to be prepared to work
harder than most people.

– You need to help others as much as

– You need to invest in the right tools
and training..

– You need to step up and become the
person you need to be to make this

– You need to treat this like a
business, not a hobby.

– You need to stop blaming others
for your lack of success.

If you want to bitch, whine and
complain about how you have no money,
no time and no value to give PLEASE
PLEASE PLEASE get out of this game
because it’s not for you..

You are not an entrepreneur until you
can take responsibilities for your
actions, you need to step up, man up
and grow up. You need to look in the
mirror and realise that the ONE big
thing stopping you is YOU. You need to
get out of your own way.

If this email offends you, or you want
to send me an angry response, or want
to click the unsubscribe button because
I said something that hurt, then you
are not an entrepreneur, you are an
excuse maker blaming everyone and
everything but yourself for your lack
of action, rather than taking full
responsibility for your current
circumstances and results.

You can change everything, but you
need to want it, you need to be prepared
to step up and take action.

If I’ve motivated you with this email
then good, as that was my intention. I
know it will offend some and this email
will cost me a ton of unsubscribes, but
that’s okay as I probably can’t help
people who can’t help themselves.

However, if you are prepared to help
yourself, and if you want to learn
better ways to help more people, and
get results faster, and you’re prepared
to invest time and money to learn this.

Then get on this webinar and and let
John Thornhill show you how to truly
succeed online, step by step.

I promise that you won’t regret it.


Until next time…

Sign Off

Subject: This Is Make or Break Training

Hi {!firstname},

Did you check out the training I
told you about from my good friend
John Thornhill?

He calls it his ‘Make or Break’
training. The reason being is it
really could make you realize where
you have been going wrong and
finally start to turn things

This training has received some
AWESOME reviews, quite simply
because it actually WORKS and has
been PROVEN many, MANY times, and
right now you can access it for
free (He has charged $297 for this
in the past)

During this webinar, you will
discover John’s PROVEN product
creation Blueprint that you can use
to build a 6 figure online income
starting today.

Yes, obviously this involves a
little work on your behalf, so if
you’re not interested in building a
SUCCESSFUL online business from the
ground up then this may not be for

However, if you are prepared to do
a little work and want a PROVEN
blueprint to online success, then
this training IS 100% for you. It’s
your choice!


Subject: Are You a Shiny Object Seeker?

Hi {!firstname},

Does this pattern ring a bell?

1: You see a product promising
untold wealth and easy riches and
all it takes is 20 minutes a day.

2: You buy the product, only to
find it’s old rehashed material
that doesn’t even work.

3: The next day you see a product
promising untold wealth and easy
riches and the cycle starts all
over again.

I know because I’ve been there.

You can call it whatever you want.
Shiny Object Syndrome. (SOS) Info
Overload, or any other fancy name
but the truth is most wannabe
internet marketers suffer from it.

This is just one of the problems
John addresses on his webinar.

He actually covers a number of
crucial Mistakes you will be making
that’s holding you back.

As well as covering how to make a
ton of cash from selling your own

Can you really afford not to hear
what John has to say?


P.S. This is real life tell it like
it is training that you will
benefit from. Don’t let it pass you

Subject: I Know What You’re Thinking

Hi {!firstname},

I know I’ve been banging on about
John’s training for the last few
days, and I know what you’re
thinking, you’re thinking this is
just another one of those training
sessions with zero content that
turns into a pitch fest.


Now I am not going to insult your
intelligence by telling you there’s
nothing for sale, because I know
you’re smarter than that. John does
have an offer to make to you.

However, this is only AFTER he has
delivered his awesome content. He
actually tells you when the
training is done and if you want to
stick around afterwards that’s your


I know I keep repeating myself but
this is groundbreaking stuff not to
be missed. I can’t recommend it
highly enough and I promise you
won’t regret it.

Here’s the link you need.


If you do take part in this webinar
please let me know what you think,

Subject: Every Successful Marketer Has …

Hi {!firstname},

Do you know the one thing every
single successful marketer has in

Their own products.

Look, it doesn’t matter what others
tell you, the truth is if you want
to be successful YOU MUST be
creating Your own products.

Don’t believe me? Go and find me
just one successful marketer online
who doesn’t have their own

I know you won’t.

And I know you’re thinking “what
about affiliate marketing?” And you
would be right to an extent. It is
possible to make an income from
affiliate marketing, but I
guarantee every successful
affiliate marketer is still
creating their own products.

Plus when you’re an affiliate
marketer all of the traffic efforts
come from you. Surely it makes more
sense to be the product creator so
you can RECRUIT affiliates.

It’s wonderfully simple, but so
many people don’t do it, and do you
want to know why that is? It’s
because they think it’s hard, when
it’s not.

Granted, it’s going to take work,
and most people are too lazy to do
the work. They want everything done
for them, and this is what some
marketers prey on, the easy button
everyone is looking for.

In fact, most wannabe marketers are
spending waaaay to much money on
‘push button’ programs that never

They are caught in an endless cycle
of buying product after product
thinking the next one will be the
one, but it never is.

Want to know who taught me this?

John Thornhill, and he can teach
you this, and a lot more to boot.

Internet Marketing needn’t be hard,
if you have access to the right

Just get on his training, follow
his blueprint and I promise you
won’t look back, and you can quote
me on that.


Subject: Final Call For Groundbreaking Training

Hi {!firstname},

This is the final time I will tell you
about this.


I know I’ve sent you a lot of emails
about this, but it’s with good reason.

This is some of the best training I
have ever seen online, and it’s free.

I really hope you take the time out to
take part as it may be the most
important thing you ever do online.

Here’s the link for the last time.




P.S. I wouldn’t send you a bunch of
emails about this if I didn’t believe
in John’s training, so I hope you
Make the right decision.

Do I Reciprocate? Hell Yeah! And I Usually
Team up With Dave Nicholson

My Coaching Provides Success
Story After Success Story

Omar Martin Now Has a SEVEN Figure Business...


Jon Bowtell Generated Over SIX Figures With His First Launch!


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